Black Panther | Ep. 3

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In 2010, Black Panther was scheduled as a cartoon series by Marvel Animation in partnership with BET that was subsequently blocked from being aired in the US. According to a Time Magazine article in July 2010, the series was "Originally announced as a television show for BET in 2008, the series – adapting the first six issues of the most recent Black Panther comic series, written by BET president Reginald Hudlin, with art by Kick-Ass co-creator John Romita Jr. – debuted instead, to some surprise, on Australian television this January and finally appeared in the US as an iTunes-released “motion comic.” Apparently the political content was too strong for the powers that be. However, the cartoon and DVD sales soared in the aftermath of the controversy.Khafra K Om-Ra-SetiAuthor and Publisherhttp://www.blacksciencefictionshowcase.infoomrasetibooks@yahoo.comFax: 866-369-1008

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