Busta Rhymes is Ruff Neck Soulja

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Produced by Andrew Mossop and Mona Scott Young: RUFF NECK SOULJA is an animated series filled with raw, fast paced action, high - tech weaponry and good old - fashioned head stomping. When the darkest evil, known as The Unseen, threatens to overtake our world with unexplained supernatural phenomena and otherworldly shape shifting entities, it takes the right man to stop them. Being a bounty hunter who tracks down low-life, bail skipping cons isn't easy work and it definitely isn't pretty. It means a lot of kicking down doors and kicking even more ass. But being a bounty hunter who tracks down The Unseen - well that's a whole other ball game. You need the gift, or curse (depending on how you see it), of The Sight - the ability to see The Unseen; you need nerves of steel because you never know what's coming - or where it's coming from. Ultimately, you must be willing to get your hands dirty - real dirty. Fortunately, the original rude bwoy of this world is RUFF NECK SOULJA (BUSTA RHYMES). He's not afraid of a little dirt - or blood for that matter. He's seen a lot as a cop and a soldier. Now, as an occult bounty hunter, he is our last hope against The Unseen. His only major vice is "big butty girls" or women with badunkadunks (a constant struggle ). When Ruff Neck along with his side kick, a horny demon named PRIG join forces with a father and daughter bounty hunting team, he soon realizes that JENKINS and ELAINE are chasing after something much more sinister and supernatural. Created and Directed by: Andrew Mossop Co-Produced by: Busta Rhymes

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