Directive Living pt. 2

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Rise in Excellence,


This is an #Afrofuturistic Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Boom-Bap experience geared to bring awareness to our upcoming Afrofuturistic Novel: Rising Depth.

We have launched a crowdfunding on Indiegogo and it concludes on October 5th.

We ask that you donate what you can as well as sharing with family and friends who may be interested in this genre.

Please use link in website description to make your donation and share:

This music you are listening to is titled:

This is Directive Living...

...Directive Living got the whole city on scripts...literally. This Global Health Enterprise has a hand in everything from pharmaceutical drugs, nano-implants, health counseling, 6G global service and subversively...eugenic experimentation.

Can the city of Novus survive the impact of this behemoth?

Here is the Synopsis of Rising Depth of the Afrofuturistic Novel:

Peter wants to go a vacation to get away from social work, Mass Gentrification and the Solar Flare Storms in Novus City. However, before he can do that…he must see one more case…Mafdet. Unknowingly to him, her case will open gateways that may vacate the hidden intentions of Directive Living…the Global Health Enterprise that Peter works for…

Thank you for your time!!!

Enjoy the music...

Rising Depth The Afrofuturistic Novel

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