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LEGENDS PARALLEL is a, single story, comic book which spans twelve issues. It tells the tale of five Earths, each very different from the others, and the one woman who wants to control them all.A man, his mom, and her lover have to save the worlds. No one said this shit would be easy.Main Characters:Tom Hill a/k/a Siafu: A wealthy, reclusive, businessman whose, late, father designed high tech battle armor which Tom uses to fight crime as Siafu.Stacy Lord a/k/a Sassy: Tom's secretary by day, she's a meta-human who possesses extraordinary powers.Arumar Singh: C.I.O. of Hill, Inc. and a brilliant engineer. He's also one of only two non-family members who knows Toms secrets and helps him fight crime.Oshun: A mistress of toxins, named after an African love goddess, who uses her skills to rob banks and do side jobs for the mob.Bes: A meta-human dwarf who slavishly follows Oshun. He's named after and Egyptian god of, among other things, sex.Jack of Spades: A highly trained assassin who works for the highest bidder. His moral compass is a whirling blur.Vinny Faragamo: Leader of the largest family in the Chicago mob. He came to power after his father was accidentally killed by Sage Hill.Sage Hill: Tom's mother and the first person to wear the battle suit designed by her, late, husband.Alecia Yang: Personal assistant to, and lover of, Sage Hill. She also knows all of Tom's secrets.Ms. Vin: A, centuries old, woman who may be responsible for the numerous snake goddess cults which have sprung up over time. She has access to something called the Gorgon's Gate which gives her the ability to control the five Earths.LEGENDS PARALLEL is filled with action, suspense, sex, violence, and dark humor. It will be rated "M" for mature.LEGENDS PARALLELCharacters by Brian Daniel & Sherrie Vanilla HardyArt by Leslie Tejlor & Brian DanielLettering by Leslie TejlorStory by Bill McCormick & Dorphise JeanCover by Alexander Malyshev© 2016 Hadithi Sambamba Comix

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