Old School Hip Hop Movie - Up in the Attic - Teen Drama

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Let's Take It Back to the Old School! Circa 1984 A group of Teens use to hang out in the Attic of one of the brothers homes. The Asiatic Brothers had a lot of fun, a little bit of knowledge (of self), and experimented with a lot of things. They loved hip hop and joking around. Some got into crime, there was fly girls, fly guys, elders and peer pressure as well as popularity. How could one survive? Let's Go! Directed by Christopher Brown and Kamal Supreme Find the soundtrack at: https://open.spotify.com/album/4BZ6cq... https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/up-... Features: The Crash Crew, Revie Rev, Lakim Shabazz, Chill Rob G, Kyss Major and Many more! Actors Steven A. Robinson, Jamian Blackmon, Ericka Monique Williams, William Steen III, Ty Saulsbury, Joe Carter, Kimberly Lynn Rogers, suheil, Genesis Navarro, LaShubee, Lord Yoda, Ron Ronald Mckay Jr., DJ Cool Clyde, Dj Cisco, destiny Destiny Cruzado, Niva the Soul Diva, Perry Wynn and much more. edited by Jonathan Lloyd #youthfilm #comedy #Teamteaneck #Englewood #Hackensack #Bronx

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