SOUL REMOVER (Short Sci-Fi Film)

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There has been a rash of murders, victims are chosen indiscriminately. The only common link is that they were all murdered by the same mysterious figure. After claiming 200 lives, he is finally apprehended by law enforcement and brought in for questioning.The mysterious figure, is a death dealer who is removing the souls of the undeserving. Detectives have evidence and eye witnesses against him. "Are you truly able to determine who is guilty and who is innocent?" Did these supposed `victims` deserve their horrible fates by divine decree?Lines become blurred as we are left to determine whether he is a deranged serial killer or an angelic avenger sent down on a god sent mission to right the wrong. Soul Remover has a surprise ending that will still leave you guessing. Serial killer or angelic avenger? You be the judge...if you can determine who is guilty and who is innocent!

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