Sounds Within: Starr Ray in the Early Years

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I am Mrs. Gramm from STARRViZION Innovations/Multimedia and I am the assigned communications director for S.R's Imagination Station Team / StarrRayCharacters Universe. I'd like to shre with you "STarr Ray" who is the Creator, founder and Trademark Owner of StarrRayCharacters Universe Franchise & S.R's Imagination Station Studios. He has a decent size history in (before he came to southern Calif) as an Artist, Edutainer and Production Director and is currently doing very well out here on as an uprising Independent here on the West Coast.He's recently doing a series of TV, Radio,Media and Event appearances along the West Coast and abroad to promote our "Evolution of the STARR Anniversary Season" and we'd your participation.We wanted to inform all of his Past and Present followers about what he's doing NOW and how far he's come. Give us some of your feed back on this interview and other works you may come across from StarrRayCharacters.You may see his most current TV interviews on YouTube under the Title L V.Smith's Sounds Within Pasadena Media. Or you may visit for listeningMrs. Gramm Operations/Communications SupportPh:(816).866.6705 /Imagination Station StudiosPh:(714).584.3801

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