Allen Dulles, the fifth and longest-serving Director of Central Intelligence, took a personal interest in the construction of the Original Headquarters Building (OHB). He was the son of a Presbyterian minister and insisted that a Biblical quotation be fixed in stone in the OHB Lobby. The verse – "And Ye Shall Know the Truth and the Truth Shall Make You Free" – John 8:32 – now stands as the Agency motto. At the dedication ceremony for OHB, Dulles included this quotation in his speech. Source:

Topics: Commentary, Existentialism, Science, Politics

Whatever your opinions of them, that is the motto of our preeminent spy agency, one of the 17 intelligence agencies along with what's left of our allies that has confirmed Russia interfered in the 2016 elections that our current president* exhaustively and nauseatingly labeled "fake news."

On August 19, 2016, I wrote a blog post titled: "These Truths..." It talked about self-evident, rational truths, such as evolution, the age of the universe; governance. Those were halcyon days, when we had a president and not a president*/embarrassment. When we (at least, as member of the non-bigoted, saner part of the electorate), were convinced our president had fidelity to his marriage, his country and its Constitution.

Excerpt from "These Truths":

This year's election is unique as one political party has nominated such a flimflam artist as its candidate, that has made no bones about his hostility to science: "climate change is a plot by the Chinese against American manufacturing." As the New York Daily News opined on his loose 2nd amendment comments: "this isn't funny anymore."

This is an assault on fact versus fantasy, science versus psychobabble; sanity versus insanity. Flimflam's persona non grata interviewed on Alex Jones - the KING of conspiracy provocateurs - as a casual search of YouTube on his rant compilations attests, many right wing pundits have, as he's complained - mainstreamed his views in the public sphere without crediting him, only nourishing a faux ecosystem around Mr. Flimflam. FF sometimes quotes him verbatim, which Jones says admirably is "surreal."

This president*/flimflam artist denies knowing of $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels. Unlikely. His lawyer apparently gives it from his own home equity, supposedly not expecting to get repaid. The problem is, if the president* had paid him back, it wouldn't be an in-kind donation during an election, an FEC violation. And why ISN'T a "billionaire" writing a check for his own hush money payments? There is likely a prenuptial agreement he'd be in violation of if this proves out true, and that will cost flimflam what little money Putin lets him dip his toes in.

What it does mean: 1. A lawyer MUST inform his client of any contractual agreement s/he enters into on behalf of her/him. 2. By denying the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with an adult film star, he may have essentially nullified it. He also has one with a Playboy centerfold with which he supposedly had a long-term affair. Stormy's lawyer salivates at the prospect of questioning the president* and his lawyer under deposition. I relish when, as he did from his first spouse where he invoked his Fifth Amendment right to not self-incriminate ninety-seven times, he does so again - hilariously and maddeningly under oath.

What exactly is "truth" in this president*'s era? He has the all-time Olympic record for fabrications, fibbing; lying and obfuscations. His evangelical base seems unmoved by his past, his present dissembling and twitter ranting. They had conniption fits when President Clinton had a consensual relationship with an ADULT (albeit young) White House intern. A blue dress with spermatozoa was salacious; "grab 'em by the p----" on Access Hollywood deserving of a Mulligan. The rank hypocrisy of what amounts to an authoritarian political movement masking itself as a religious order self-imposed to tell everyone ELSE how to live is breathtaking. The word "EVILGELICALS" should become a thing in our modern lexicon; they should not recover, and the congregations in their immediate futures should be comprised of crickets.

If indeed, "the truth shall make you free" avalanche of lies from a president* backed by a faux religious order - evilgelicals - is a prelude to slavery.

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