Feb. 22nd - 28th 2021
  "Black Age Sankofa"
"Reaching back to experiences and knowledge,
bringing them into the present in order to manifest
positive practices and progress!"
Produced by ONLI STUDIOS LLC and hosted via www.blackageofcomics.com
Virtual Black Age of Comics Convention
Chicago IL.  USA
Featuring :
1. Historic Video Hub
2. Hype Slide Show
3. Tribute
4. Educational Supports
5. Market Place
( Modest access fees for your positive participation, connection and ownership will be announced in the near future after our plans are definitive. )
The first indie Black Age of Comics Convention was produced in Chicago in 1993.
The Black Age of Comics concept, products, genre. movement, studies, events & term were created in the manifestation of Kujichagiia, or Self-Determination, by Prof. Turtel Onli, M.A.A.T., Phd, Major Market Illustrator, Fine Artist, Arts Educator and Art Therapist,  in 1992.
First published in the important trade publication, "The Comics Journal", in Feb. 1993.  Giving power to creativity, culture & commerce in its open sourced thesis. 
Much has happened since then. 
Onli is in awe and appreciaiton for all of the positive participation and contributions of so many folks....such as you!

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