"BLACK SANKOFA 2.0" is the second year of the rebranded / rebooted original Chicago based Black Age of Comics Convention. This is a free virtual event hosted on the info-site at www.blackageofcomics.com.

The Black Age of Comics is beyond the limits of the trends that were not born of Kwanzaa or the successful Black Cultural Revolution that boldly opened up the world to our greatness while embracing genders, orientations, styles, politics, commerce and more. Not limited to discovering abuses and a tribute to suffering but a higher level of expression about winning and extending the peace and liberty of being Black.

As Prof. Onli ofter askes: "How Black or open was this industry before ONLI STUDIOS LLC produced the first Black Age of Comics Convention in 1993?"

All positive folks are welcome. One never has to be Black to get one's Black on.  Think of us and it as a wonderfully exotic flavor. Like eating Itlaian or Jamaican yet not being of those cultures. Alunta Continua!

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