Collecting indie Black Age of Comics product

Since most comix collections are more mainstream, Asian and such my question is how indie Black could they be?  Indie Black Age publishers have been producing great product for decades but the Manga, Mainstream Mania cleary has control of the minds souls and monies of so & folks of color.  But music collections and tastes are way more Black.  Cusine tastes and adventure are way more indie.  But it seems that when it ocmes to indie Black Age products almost any reason is applied to not buy, try or value these amazing and often ground breaking efforts. 

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  • I both buy and create Black comics and children's books. Thanks for the effort of posting this article.
  • There's a lot of issues with comic shops these days not related to the indie scene but how the Big 2 and Image deal dirty with the shops. But there are some ways indie creators can bypass, but it depends on the Indie's target audience product delivery desires. Basically, what format do they want? Digital or paperwork? One issue at a time or Trade collection? Pick up at shops or delivery to home? If you're a small publisher it might be hard to afford printing paperbacks if you can't guarantee sales.
  • I posted about this dilemma not too long ago. But, I enjoy collecting indie Black comix. I attended Free Comic Book Day at my favorite store and was approached by a indie Black comix writer named Chris Appling who sold me the origin issue of "Afro-Archtypes". I also picked up a copy of Malika, by Roye Okupe, a mainstream comic. I am only interested in how mainstream black comix can be. I am cosigning my indie comic to local bookstores in mixed neighborhoods. I shouldn't have to travel far to know they exist!
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