Just finished reading the 3 novels that make up the Serrano Legacy omnibus.They are military-themed space opera, set far in the future where humans have colonised many worlds, with the main protagonist Heris Serrano ais  black woman. Her whole family are distinguished military and is bristling with Admirals etc- often female, like her formidable aunt, Admiral Vida Serrano.

This space opera series is lively, engaging and has a number of key familes (i.e powerful either military or business/political) of colour, and older women (60s,70,80s+!) who are wealthy, sharp, and movers and shakers in their society. A review I read at referred to them as 'Aunts in Space'

I was...a bit surprised to see this, out there in mainstreamland. But noted the bookcovers are all white people, and young people- almost diameterically opposite to the protagonists who are actually in the books.

Anyone else read these? Or know of any scifi or fantasy books published by the noted Scifi publishing houses that are actually centred around black people??? And with misleading covers to boot?


PS Hello to everyone. Have been out of circulation for a while!

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