Holodeck Invented by black man?

Hello all,

I am currently working on a program for a 3d augmented/virtual telecommunication ui/ux for consumers and certain medical, government, entertainment and education markets. I believe that my invention could change humanity. To give you an idea of my patent idea read these pages https://www.facebook.com/zuck/posts/10101319050523971 https://www.spaceglasses.com/applicants/499 then compare the dates and if you're an intelligent person, which I'm sure you are, you can put two and two together, and if your a betting person which we will find out, you'll vote for my application and help me bring my invention to fruitation before Zuckerberg takes credit for stealing it.  As recently as last summer the guy who originally invented, then sold the "Canopy" technology to Motorola in early 2000, who I will refer to simply as "Bill" was to start a fully funded LLC with me, but subsequently ended up disappearing with some of the IP I disclosed with him thus far the day before we were to incorporate and draft patent applications, I've since refined and altered my IP and drafted a nondisclosure agreement for all future in depth discussions of my potential invention, so i know especially after Zuckerbergs purchase of Oculus, that this is a new novel and nonobvious invention.  I am currently drafting a non provisional patent to acquire patent pending status for a commercial product.  I've done countless hours of patent searches and research on my method to implement my invention, and I've found, it is possible and it doesn't exist yet, the closest I've found is this guy http://youtu.be/U4eytLU6sws a Stanford professor still working in the research lab, compare the date again, also he has no mention of augmented reality implementations like mine.  I'm on to something here people, and these guys are on my tail, with way deeper pockets, but way less creativity, so I have decided to let my voice be heard.  If anyone would like to help me on this I would love to correspond with you,  I am willing to discuss this further with any software engineers, software designers, 3d artists, computer vision persons, and industrial design persons who would like to help and don't mind signing a NDA.

Best regards, 
A. Baldwin

P.s. please spread the facts, FB and none of these guys save the Stanford professor conceived of the holodeck using today's consumer components before I did.  They still don't have an OS for all this VR/AR tech, they all are using videogames concepts to make video games with it.  I was 1st to see the impact this tech could make out side of video games check my disclosure date for my app.  None proceeds this idea.  FB came along with the idea 6 months later, and even then everyone thought Mark was crazy until he revealed "MY" idea for his course of action.  Trust me when I say and do the footwork, I did, none proceeded me, a black man invented the 1st generation natural, intuitive, immersive holodeck..... with your help of course, so please vote today.

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