Inception- Was this Movie Great, or What?

I saw this on Sunday, with my son.


I'm sure everyone on BSFS is familiar with the premise: Through a combination of technology, training and drugs, its possible (in what looks like present day society!) to go into someone's dreams and share them and find out key information.

What is much harder, and thought to be impossible, is to go into someone's dreams and plant information/an idea in the dreamer's mind in a way that s/he believes it is their own...


Inception is a heist movie, but the heist involves trying to put something into a high security venue rather than take something out. And the venue is someone's mind... And just to keep the audience on its toes, they give us action not just in a dream, but in a dream within a dream.. 


All the 'Heist Movie' elements are there. The client, the target/mark, the team of crack experts, who specialise in dream intrusion, the newbie, the team leader, conflicting team personalities, a race against time,a major problem, and how the team manages/improvises if or when things go wrong in the middle of the heist...


I'm trying to be cryptic and keep things general for those who haven't seen it. :P:P


I thought it was brilliant. Christopher Nolan is a brilliant director. And he's a Brit, like me :P- (though whilst his casting was great, it had no black actors in it, and this film needed Chiwetel in it :( )


And I'm still arguing with people as to what the hell happened, ultimately.

Anyone from BSFS seen it yet? What did you think?


If you want to go into details in replying, don't forget to put in SPOILER ALERTS for people who havent seen it.

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