The Color Fantasies of Whiteywood

An interesting article. It' kind of an old article by just a year, but still interesing nontheless since we're still reeling from the aftermath of "Avatar-fever" that has swept through this social networking-obsessed ipod generation. White guilt described here is more or less, ironic creative bias, ignorance, and a hint of pop cultural racism all wrapped up into one. Hollywood's white elite realize that they can't outright be prejudice on screen so instead they do it in subtle ways, by painting whites in comfortable positions where they can easily find themselves engulfed into the society of peopole of color. It's just...*gag* For those of us enlightened ole' folks, I think this is interesting to peak at. Since there's a hint of truth to it.


"When whites fantasize about becoming other races, it's only fun if they can blithely ignore the fundamental experience of being an oppressed racial group. Which is that you are oppressed, and nobody will let you be a leader of anything."


There seems to be a major trend throughout Hollywood's history where whites are the "default" by which all normality and behavior, and fictional characterization, is based upon. I know I know, nothing new right? It's still unbelievably disturbing. Brothas and sistah's, please pray for these ignorant people!!!!!! I don't understand how in Hollyood whites live out childish fantasies on screen where they dominate any status quo or dramatic situation through fictional plots like larger-than-life Greek Gods. It's annoying. The black man/woman is not capable of such a thing, according to Hollywood. For some reason they believe the image of a black person as strong characters capable of making sound decisions, being responsible, leading a group to glory or progression, and somehow actually having depth is bizarre. If not that, I believe that somehow see it as intimidating.


According to Harry Potter, ya know...just in case ya'll weren't on the up and up: White people have magical powers! Blacks cannot fly, black women can't be strong heroins, or damsels to be saved. No, the future, and fantastical lands of magic as well, are a land of the ivory persuasion. Sorry for the rant. I just find it rather interesting, in a twisted way, that this has been going on for so long. Not only with blacks but especially Asians, Native Americans and others. Thoughts, anyone?

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