Dark Secrets -

Hello Fellow BSFS Members!

The link below will lead you to the website for the new book that my writing partner, Ancel K. Houchen and I are working on - take a peek and let us know what you think.  We appreciate honest commentary, so please don't hesitate to comment via the site or leave me a message here on BSFS.

In the book, you will find original short stories of Science Fiction such as "Plugged In" by AKH; Horror as in a story I've written entitled "The Devil's Sixpence"; and Suspense/Fantasy short stories like "The Conjurer" by AKH and "The Wood Carver's Knife" by yours truly.  There will be about ten stories with an additional tale written by the both of us called "Zero Hour".

We look forward to hearing from you...click on the link below or visit www.darksecrets.net

Dark Secrets - by Ancel K. Houchen & C. A. Griffin


Thanks in advance.


CA Griffin


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