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Authors/Illustrators in DC for Sankofa Book reading

July 21 Thursday  Howard University A session focusing on Black America 2030 and Beyond featuring Futurists, Authors, Planners, Strategists and others focusing on the Future. ​1) FUTURE OF AFRICA 2030  2) FUTURE OF INEQUALITY 2030  3) SUSTAINABLE CITIES -- from local to global  4) FUTURE OF WORK 2030 July 23 Saturday Sankofa Book Store OPEN MIC FUTURES STORIES AND POETRY SLAM An evening session focusing on Black America 2030 and Beyond featuring Futurists, Authors, Planners, Strategists and…

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I would like to collaborate

Hello, I am new to the community and this is a new avenue I would like to try. I have a concept that I would like to put in to art. For the most part it's pretty well thought out but I would like to collaborate on some ideas and work on developing a graphic novel. If you're interested or could point me in the right direction I would be more than happy to discuss this with you. My email is thank you!

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