This group is for those interested in cooperatively sharing space at the Black Science Fiction Society booth/table at various convention and events around the country.

Some of the events attended in the past that have proven themselves to be effective distribution points for our work.

If you are interested, email the admin at


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  • Hello,

    I just wanted to say that if there were any writers that would like to help provide content for an online website to please drop me a line at

    This can include regular content, or perhaps providing a taste of your novel and link to your main page as a tease for our readers. I'm very open.

    Thank you for your time.

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BLACK SCI-FI FI TOUR 2018 * Onyxcon: Feb 17 - 18, Atlanta, GA * Afrofuturism Mini-con: Feb 22nd, Nashville, TN * Atlanta Sci-Fi & Fantasy Expo, Mar 3, Atlanta, GA *African Amer. Author Fair April  21, Nashville, TN Urban Nerd Con, May 4, Atlanta, GA (Cancelled) Onyxcon Aug 25-26, Atlanta, GA Dragoncon Aug. 30 – Sept 3, Atlanta, GA Afrofuturism Festival Oct 13-14, Atlanta, GA Upyri Experience Oct 26-28, Atlanta, GA African Street Festival Sept. 21-23, Nashville, TN Motor City Black Age of…

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2017 Dates & Locations

Some of the events attended in the past that have proven themselves to be effective distribution points for our work such as these are the primary events:   African Street Festival – Nashville, TN Afrofuturistic Affair – Philadelphia, PA Atlanta Science Fiction and Fantasy Expo – Atlanta, GA ONYXCON & ONYXCON SANKOFA -Atlanta, GA Harlem Book Fair – Harlem, NY Motor City Black Age of Comics (MCBA) - Detroit, MI East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention (ECBACC) - Philadelphia, PA ICCON 3 - ICC…

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Black Age Chicago

ONLI STUDIOS started this annual event in 1993 at the National Treasure, The South Side Community Art Center in the historic Bronzeville district., years later it movement to the Kenwood Academy where Prof. Onli was a teacher & Coach. It was in walking distance to the homes of President Obama and The Honorable Louis Farrakhan. Then it partnered with the DuSable Museum of African American History as part of its annual Arts & Crafts Cultural Festival.  Now ONLI STUDIOS is in negotiaiton to return…

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