A new superhero in town

My name Is Devon camel and I'm the creator of my new graphic novel project Vigilance: The Vigilant defender. It's about a young man in his senior year of high school finds out that he is an alter-sapien which is a being with superhuman abilities in his case he has increased strength, speed and agility due to an irregular adrenal gland. If awesome new abilities weren't cool enough, then he learns that he comes from a generation of costumed crimefighters similar to those read in comic books and portrayed in movies which was once led by his father and grandfather before him but ended with the father after a horrible tragedy. In event of tragedy of his own, Ezekiel dons a new suit and the legend of Vigilance lives again.


I'm looking to get this story in print and in the hands of comic readers everywhere. I'm plan to debut the graphic novel and the anti-bullying issue at the motor city  black age comic con so in order to do that I would need help with the funding. which is why I've launched my indiegogo campaign to raise funds to cover the cost of printing, table rentals for the convention and the cost of producing the rewards for those who donate. http://igg.me/at/vigilancethevigilantdefender/x/2592179 this is the link to my indiegogo page check it out and you can show your support by either donating, doing fan art or even spreading the word like other black comic heroes Vigilance need the support to become a success so do your part to see his success thanks.

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