This group is for writers, artists and fans of BLACK SUPERHEROES who are seeking a place to display new heroes, new mythologies and new action concerning heroes of the black persuasion. It will also serve as a forum to discuss the history and current plight of the black superhero...asking the ever poignant question...where do we go from here?

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  • It matters to Buy Black by Blacks!
  • Since 1981 ONLI STUDIOS LLC has been publishing and advocating the explosion known as the Black Age of Comics along with the Rhythmistic Future-Primitif approach to the visual arts. We note the boycott of vendors as in Black owned indie bookstores and most comic book stores to host or feature dedicated sections or racks to showcase our works. Not just those of ONLI STUDIOS, but your too! Yet few to none will bond in the effort to resolve this. Hmm? How does a new reader or fan discover what is not available? The internet is not enough.
    ONLI STUDIOS is an innovative leader in the expansion of independent Graphic Novels, Comic Books, Games. Movies., Diverse Content, & Fine Art.
  • My new comic anthology Dark Spider Vol.1: Lovers and Allies is available now on Gumroad

    For Mature Audiences Only
    Dark Spider vol. 1: Lovers and Allies
    Despite the betrayal that set him on the path of an outlaw, the hero Dark Spider aka Jamal Jones has been fortunate enough to have people who are clo…
  • Check out Konkret Comics Presents Genesis: Year Two by Konkret Comics on @Kickstarter
    Konkret Comics Presents Genesis: Year Two
    Konkret Comics has returned! Akolyte, Odina and Absolver make a glorious comeback, and a new hero, Andy Starboy, joins our universe.
    • I really liked Akolyte so I picked up this month's Kickstarter. hoping to see good things from this group.
  • Hi, My name is Derek Davis. I am a writer with a bit of computer graphics skills. About a year ago I began creating a project on young people with paranormal abilities that are being led to become superheroes in a modern-day housing project. Their abilities are based on ancient Afro-centric philosophies. This means their abilities come for innate spiritual concepts, not chemical accidents, radioactive mishaps, or beastlike mutations. It not that I don't love these other superheroes. I just wanted to try a different twist. Maybe everyone is on the verge of a supernatural awakening. A free digital copy of my first issue is available at
    Davis Kuumba Arts LLC | IndyPlanet
  • Who are your favorite indie black heroes?
  • HI peeps! My name is Onaji and I am a writer and creator with Konkret Comics. We just recently had our first comic signing at Amalgam comic book shop in Philadelphia. Please feel free to check out our comic book line up with our super heroes. We also have a package deal on the books.
    Comic Books | Konkret comics
    Saluting Pedro Bell, the mastermind artist behind a set of Funkadelic album covers which helped create a new world.
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Battlefield executions by superheroes: legality and utility examined.

Recently, I was inspired by some projects at Graphic Justice and the blog Law and the Multiverse. I decided to take a look at an aspect of superhero literature that often gets ignored or short-shrift: the battlefield execution. Is it 'legal' for heroes to kill the villain without a trial? Turns out, it's not a Yes or No question. The real answer is: ' it depends'.Read my article on my blog and see if my reasoning is off or…

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Ghettostone Is the name of a block, or neighborhood where everybody knows your family’s business!

my name is Michael R  Brown.  I write for my Universe of characters because I can’t afford to hire  any great writers.  I have been publishing and promoting Afro comics for sometime now.  It something that began as a political move to counter negative images in the media and as a attempt to tell a story about Black and Brown People that are not part of the interested in joining this group if possible. And maybe from time to time I might be able to add a post with art and story.i…

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Well. I'd like to invite everybody to come take a look at PILGRIM free at THE WINTERMAN PROJECT and at WEBCOMICS NATION formatted differently, depending on how you like to read your comics.

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