This group is for writers, artists and fans of BLACK SUPERHEROES who are seeking a place to display new heroes, new mythologies and new action concerning heroes of the black persuasion. It will also serve as a forum to discuss the history and current plight of the black superhero...asking the ever poignant question...where do we go from here?

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Battlefield executions by superheroes: legality and utility examined.

Recently, I was inspired by some projects at Graphic Justice and the blog Law and the Multiverse. I decided to take a look at an aspect of superhero literature that often gets ignored or short-shrift: the battlefield execution. Is it 'legal' for heroes to kill the villain without a trial? Turns out, it's not a Yes or No question. The real answer is: ' it depends'.Read my article on my blog and see if my reasoning is off or…

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Ghettostone Is the name of a block, or neighborhood where everybody knows your family’s business!

my name is Michael R  Brown.  I write for my Universe of characters because I can’t afford to hire  any great writers.  I have been publishing and promoting Afro comics for sometime now.  It something that began as a political move to counter negative images in the media and as a attempt to tell a story about Black and Brown People that are not part of the interested in joining this group if possible. And maybe from time to time I might be able to add a post with art and story.i…

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Well. I'd like to invite everybody to come take a look at PILGRIM free at THE WINTERMAN PROJECT and at WEBCOMICS NATION formatted differently, depending on how you like to read your comics.

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