my name is Michael R  Brown.  I write for my Universe of characters because I can’t afford to hire  any great writers.  I have been publishing and promoting Afro comics for sometime now.  It something that began as a political move to counter negative images in the media and as a attempt to tell a story about Black and Brown People that are not part of the mainstream.

im interested in joining this group if possible. And maybe from time to time I might be able to add a post with art and story.

i believe that when writing heroes it’s more to it than what people may think. Persona, creation is a dive into the psychology of humanity and the discovery of attributes associated with liberal, self sacrifice and altruistic thought patterns that are difficult to establish in character development,  whew that’s a lot! But my Universe has a hero that I’ve been writing for years his name is RAMZEES.

thank you all for any time that you gave to reading this post, I appreciate it!

please review my attachments and if you haven’t seen my site please drop by att for more

peace be with you all!


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