Hello there people. For some time many of us have complained about the Big 2 comic book publishers, Marvel and DC, treating minority characters AND minority readers like step-children. In response a lot of us have started searching for and finding good, diverse comic product from the Indie scene. There is a real paradigm shift happening in the world of Black Comics. The train left the station and has been gaining serious momentum for the last couple of years. *Big up to ECBACC, Motor City and others*. Additionally digital distribution has been able to put Black Indie Comics right on your computer or on your phone within seconds.

What does this mean?

This means that for comic fans of color. If you wanted to seriously ACTUALLY see comics that featured characters that looked like you by WRITERS who looked like you and shared your life experiences (thus making the writing respectful and authentic, the characters real and not caricatured), you didn't have to wait for Marvel or DC. You could take your money and spend it elsewhere.

This is how we get to the link above.

What we see there is a new Avengers series that's in the pipeline from Marvel Comics. What else do we see? 1,2,3,4,5..5 Black characters and 1 Latina character (the guy with the helmet is the Blue Marvel, a black character). In an AVENGERS comic!!

Oh by the way, the writer is a white guy from England so don't get all excited. Marvel hasn't had a Black writer since 2009.

Black Indies...ya'll shook the tree. Your movement, our movement is real, so real that I think that this Avengers book is a direct response to our movement. Our movement has become enough of an entity that Marvel has caught wind of it, taken notice and has put action in motion to either counteract it or not be left in the dust of irrelevance.

What am I saying to you? Am I telling you not to buy this book? Nope. I love comics as much as you do and I do have a real love for these characters, the decision on whether you buy the comic or not is solely up to you. I just wanted to share my thoughts. I won't be buying it. As much as I love the characters I can only see this as an attempt to feed off of or crush something that Marvel sees as a growing competition. A competition made up of us. So I will pirate this or read it in the store..but Indies get my money these days. That's all people. I'm out!

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