I AM SUPERCEDE Channel the Storm

I AM SUPERCEDE (part ii) Channel the Storm

He sits in his Ocha Room surrounded by his Orisa Shrines. Frankincense and Myrrh fill the air embracing the Orisas adorned in their respective colors. In a deep meditative state, Oloye Oseyin braces himself for the monumental task at hand. To guide and bring before him the Orisa Elemental that has materialized thousands of miles away.
Its been at least 30 years since he last saw Americana. Thirty years since walking the streets of the asphalt jungle he knew as Prospect Park Brooklyn. 40 years since his first encounter with the Babalowo that set him on the path of Ifa (the way). A then naive Luis Tomas, learned the ways of the Orisas through the Botanicas of Santeria. A spiritual Ifa reading revealed him to be a child of Obatala (King of the White Cloth and creator of mankind and the Orisas) and his mother Yemoja (Mother of all creation, governs the oceans and seas). The more he learned, the greater his gifts became. Each gift strengthening his ase' (universal life force pronounced achay). The strength of his ase' thus brought him closer to the Orisas. The Great Elegua who governs the roads, pathways and doorways, opened the path and allowed Luis to become the conduit of the Orisas. His dreams and visions foretold a prophecy. His very name Oloye Oseyin came to him in a dream. It was difficult for him to understand his dreams in the beginning. But his meditation allowed him to open his mind and see with clarity. He would be faced with a Warrior of great power. His actions will be inherent to the warrior's survival and in so doing, his power will turn the tables from wrong to right. As word spread amongst his peers of these visions, he would fall victim to the lies and deceit of his own people of faith. Jealousy can be the most irrational of emotions. Oloye Oseyin's power would subsequently alienate him and drive him to seclusion. Thus with every obstacle pushed aside by the Orisas, the path he traveled, brought him to this very moment.

Through the pitch blackness, amidst the thunder and lightning, stands the most awesome force of destruction the world will come to know. Allowing all of his senses to take in his new found surroundings, the voice of Oloye Oseyin pierces the chaos. "HO-LY SHIT". The warrior looks around wildly with his blades always at the ready. "Damn you're big". "Oh and please, enough with all that huffin' and puffin', you know you don't really need to breathe". "We haven't much time. The host whose life force you share is dying and needs my help. If he dies, you die. So if its answers you seek, I have them but you must follow my instructions if you wish to live". "I'm gonna need a drink after this SHIT". Oloye Oseyin knew the boy's life-force was very weak, for at his full strength, the warrior's unbridled power would have turned the park grounds to rubble. But Ase' still had to weaken him further. Without a single word, the Warrior took one, DEEP breath and quickly rose into the night sky. A clap of thunder masked his sonic boom. Ase' set him on a course around the earth. "Now, I do believe proper introductions are in order. Every Beacon and Just on the planet felt the warrior's presence from the moment he touched earth. Every priest and priestess of Ifa felt the cold chill of his ase' (power) as he passed over their regions. The righteous ones felt an overwhelming sense of comfort and security, while the tricksters suffered great pains in their skulls. To be considered a warning to change their ways or suffer.

The Just are the honorable priests and priestesses of Ifa untainted by the vices of humanity. They are predetermined through Ifa and are strategically scattered throughout the world to lend aid at a moment's notice to the Warrior. They are the only ones he can trust when he is at his most vulnerable. Oloye Oseyin is the eldest of the Just. The Beacons have also been strategically placed to bring the mighty one to their aid as well as turn the tide of battle towards what is right. The only unknowing participants, they are commonly found on the battle fronts around the world. They have within them the Ase' which draws the warrior to them when in danger. They don't understand what they feel when he approaches. But they will.

Guiding him at this incredible speed, Oloye Oseyin had him circle the globe three times. Every Just felt his presence as he passed. They knew it would be only a matter of time before one of them would heed the call to help the warrior. The Beacons were simply overcome with an unusual euphoric state when he was near. This "feeling" will be used to their advantage when the time comes.
Then with a final burst of speed, Ase' guided the now pliable warrior to him. He crashed him on the beach creating a fairly large crater about a mile from his house. All 600lbs, 7.5ft tall, reduced to half and just over 6ft. A gentle breeze roused the mighty one to his feet. Still under Ase's influence, he walked toward an old house high on the hill. In the solitude of this haven, lit with candles and the Orisa shrines in their respective places, sat the man himself, Oloye Oseyin also known as Ase' in his meditative state. Vapor still rose from the warrior's head, shoulders and body as he cooled. Telepathically, Ase' spoke, "You must be hungry. Please accept my humble offerings". In front of him was large plate stacked high with smoke jutia (fish) slathered in corojo butter and a big jug of palm wine (favorites of Ogun). "Please, replenish yourself, for the boy’s sake, he cannot survive without you, nor you without him........I'm glad you're here". As he scarfed down the food, Ase' came out of his transient state, smiled in satisfaction.......and passed out right where he sat.
(To be continued)

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