Though thousands of miles away, a man watched and guided young Leo to this very location. He'd reach out to the boy and induce dreams as he slept. Leo's dreams were so very visual. He'd dream of swimming with great whales fathoms below the ocean depths. Some dreams set him adrift on river currents gently caressing him. Then there were the dreams of his father in the throes of battle. Those dreams were frequent and quickly turned to nightmares as explosions tore through towns. Bodies blown to pieces as shrapnel ripped flesh from bone. These dreams were a necessary pain to prepare this 9 year old boy for the weight of the very world he chose to abandon. It was during his slumber in the woods that this man revealed himself to Leo. He was an older man, slightly taller than Leo, short, curly black hair, olive complexion. He spoke with a very deep and raspy voice. He introduced himself as Oloye Oseyin (Intelligent one who worships Obatala), a priest of Obatala. "If that's too much for you, you may call me Ase’ “ (achay). Protected by the shelter of the woods and now fully under the influence of Ase', Leo would remain asleep for the next 3 days thus starting his vital learning period. Ase' began conversing with the child. He explained to him why he'd gone through all the trials he had been through to bring him to this very moment. He stressed to him the importance of justice and the role he would come to play in its enforcement. "Do you understand what I'm saying?" "Speak child, its rude to stare." said Ase'. "I don't know how", said Leo with a gasp. Ase' laughed. "Your voice will resonate through the spines of the impious" said Ase' with a scowl. Slowly raising his bushy eyebrow and with a devilish grin "OOooo and I can't wait to hear your battle cry". Leo just looked puzzled and amazed.

Ase' taught him the ways of Ifa (The Way ) and all of the stories of the powerful Orisas. Olodumare (God, the Creator. Governs over all the Orisas), Yemoja (the great mother of all and governs the oceans and seas) Obatala (King of the White Cloth, creator of humanity and the Orisas), Chango (Warrior, god of Thunder), Oshun (goddess of love and governs the rivers), Oya (Warrior and governs all winds, thunderbolts, cemeteries and the marketplace), Elegua (Warrior governs the roads and pathways) and of course Ogun (Warrior god of iron, all metal and technology). Ase' explained to young Leo their significance to the world we live. He went on to explain in great detail the special bond between Leo and the Orisa Warrior Ogun. How with his mighty cutlasses, Ogun carved the path to the earth from the heavens for the Orisas and in return was granted power over all blades and metal. With that said, Ase' further explained Leo's purpose and the role he would play in saving this world. Leo was speechless.

Ase' was pressed for time. He knew the time would come to revive Leo and bring back to consciousness. He cautioned the boy to the coming events. His body would be in very grave condition. As the host of such a great power, Oloye Oseyin knew that it was imperative to the survival of both that they be by his side. There would be only one way to bring him clear across the planet. The amount of energy it would take to achieve this task would be extremely draining on everyone involved, but the fate of the world depended on this act. He gave Leo very specific instructions. Then with a nod and a stroke through the boy's scruffy hair, Leo's eyes opened where he first laid at the foot of an Old Oak tree deep in the woods of Van Cortlandt Park.........................to be continued

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