Each Month Black Science Fiction Society will sponsor a free creative workshop/webinar through what we have dubbed our "Black Light Learning Series."


The Black Light Learning Series is designed to share relevant learning experiences by tapping into talented individuals that wish to share their knowledge and experiences to further the development of those that wish to grow in the world of science fiction


Some of the topics to be covered include:

  1. Game Programming
  2. Writing Workshop
  3. The Business of Doing Business
  4. Events & Tradeshows
  5. Self-Publishing
  6. The Portfolio
  7. Web Business
  8. Marketing & Promotions
  9. Desktop Publishing
  10. Graphic Design
  11. 3D Animation
  12. Comic Book Art




Jarvis Sheffield, M.Ed.

Black Science Fiction Society




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Free Learning

All Webinars & Workshops Will Be Provided Free Of Charge, However Donations Will Be Gladly Accepted.  As the Black Science Fiction Society organization grows and thrives, we want to provide our members with all of the tools possible to provide our community with opportunities.

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