Anyone Interested in Drawing Some Pictures?

Yo, what's up? Name's DJ. I have this tendency to write stories. I get these ideas, put them to paper, try an' flesh 'em out, then scour the internet to get feedback on it. It'd be great if I got some good feedback on the things I've written up in my blog. I'm no where near a pro when it comes to this, so I'm always looking for some folks to help me along the way.


I'm also real big on comics. I love the stories told, love the way the art helps carry the story. Everything about 'em is just amazing. So where does that get me? Well, it gets me wanting to make comics of my own.


Really I've always wanted to create something big media wise. Something with meaning, something that'll last, but outside of getting the bare bones of things started, I never could get anything going. There's always been a time issue. I just simply don't have enough time to devout to keeping up carrying on all the work. I dabbled a bit with some drawings before, but I've never had time to let that grow. So I've decided to focus solely on writing out the story. I figure if the story's already written out, the drawing could come later. Well, the story's still being written out, just like it's been for years. I think I'm reaching the limit on what me as only one guy can do.


Then my buddy Nel came to me an' said that if I really wanna put a comic out there, I should consider workin' with another dude to get the art done. He even pointed me to this amazing website and invited me to this group for that very purpose. It was like a Godsend.


So I've been lurkin' around the forum, got to talk to Milton, Thaddeus and a few others, and they've all been real cool, and I figured why not give it a shot? So here I am.


Any young, eager, aspiring comic book artists wanna help me make somethin' outta nothin'? I personally think it'll be a lotta fun workin' with people. 

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