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Just added a new drawing to my photos in my page. Please check it out.

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  • Hi guys,
    You might not know this but I have a comic universe and a weekly podcast. Want art for your home or office? Look no further.

    Art Prints: https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/3-john-marshall
    The podcast: https://bigmuse78.podbean.com/
    J-onyxcomics Archives - IndyPlanet
  • I have always stated in private and public that ours is the question of where are the non-creative folks? Like lawyers? Bankers? Investors? Distributors? Advertisers? Fans? Educators? Curriculum Co-coordinators?. This is where the mainstream rules and rocks. We, dynamic Black creative folks tend to operate without the input, support or participation of those professionals. This is a tangible limitation and disadvantage for Black Age Indie Publishers of all levels.
    • Professor Onli, it so wonderful to reach out o you on any medium, thank you for everything you do. You are of course, "right", the "public" is admirers of the current Marvel superhero movies. Many African Americans still don't understand that "Black Panther" in not owned by Black People. It's hard to explain a "natural" love of a Black Superhero image in the movies in 2023 when they never seen one before! This make your mission all the more important to all of us! The work of explaining how to support Black owned businesses! (My prayer every night) smile. My feeling is still the same after all these years- get out of this country's over saturated markets and develop international sells. Create deals. Do what our brotha does Jerry Craft! Get it! Go for it! And try to share and team up if possible!
    • Turtel Onli- (Professor) I so happy for the 21st anniversary of the Black Age Comic Book Creators Convention held at Temple University each year! A big thank you for your continued service and dedication to helping other Creators..
  • https://fineartamerica.com/featured/a-man-called-hawk-john-marshall...
    A Man Called Hawk by John Marshall
    A Man Called Hawk Digital Art by John Marshall
  • Joy is that I got my comic series into a local book store. But if you aren't in Charlotte you can you can get it here off my website

    To purchase on Amazon click on the title. Punctured Pixels A compilation of various images from my sketchbooks. Featuring images from Miasmic Emancip…
  • What are the best ways to market my Indie comic book?
    To purchase on Amazon click on the title. Punctured Pixels A compilation of various images from my sketchbooks. Featuring images from Miasmic Emancip…
  • My new comic anthology Dark Spider Vol.1: Lovers and Allies is on sale now at Gumroad for Mature Audiences Only.

    Dark Spider vol. 1: Lovers and Allies
    Despite the betrayal that set him on the path of an outlaw, the hero Dark Spider aka Jamal Jones has been fortunate enough to have people who are clo…
  • Check out Konkret Comics Presents Genesis: Year Two by Konkret Comics on @Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/konkretcomics/konkret-comics-p...
    Konkret Comics Presents Genesis: Year Two
    Konkret Comics has returned! Akolyte, Odina and Absolver make a glorious comeback, and a new hero, Andy Starboy, joins our universe.
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Possible Collaboration

Greetings Fellow Creators:As some of you know I'm a writer. Mostly Sci-Fi, but I dabble in horror. Anyway, I have an obligation to a publisher. Their upfront cash doesn't exist but their royalties pay my bills. I have this story I was going to use as a novella but have been thinking it might be better served as a graphic novel. So, before I start typing for one format I thought I'd check and see if there was an artist who might be interested in working with me on it. The story is dark, would be…

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