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Just added a new drawing to my photos in my page. Please check it out.

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  • What are the best ways to market my Indie comic book?
    To purchase on Amazon click on the title. Punctured Pixels A compilation of various images from my sketchbooks. Featuring images from Miasmic Emancip…
  • My new comic anthology Dark Spider Vol.1: Lovers and Allies is on sale now at Gumroad for Mature Audiences Only.

    Dark Spider vol. 1: Lovers and Allies
    Despite the betrayal that set him on the path of an outlaw, the hero Dark Spider aka Jamal Jones has been fortunate enough to have people who are clo…
  • Check out Konkret Comics Presents Genesis: Year Two by Konkret Comics on @Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/konkretcomics/konkret-comics-p...
    Konkret Comics Presents Genesis: Year Two
    Konkret Comics has returned! Akolyte, Odina and Absolver make a glorious comeback, and a new hero, Andy Starboy, joins our universe.
  • How many black indie comics did you buy this year?
  • Any of you know of any stores or shops with racks totally dedicated to indie Black Age products.? In Chicago we have two, like at the DuSable Museum and at the old Black Panther Party's outpost, Copy Cat Center.
  • ONLI STUDIOS has just produced its 23rd annual indie Black Age of Comics Convention since 1993 in Chicago. I have learned a lot from the efforts.We plan to end our run at number 25 in two more years. Our overall theme has been to compete with the mainstream while supporting and even celebrating those of Color working in the mainstream. We think we succeeded in that professional balance. But there is still a serious need to grow the impact of Black indie characters & products until a reliable fan bases and distribution outlet emerges. Otherwise our intended market stays mainstream.....
  • Why is a Luke Cage image used here instead of an indie product from a Black Age creator?????? Fans stuff again!
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Possible Collaboration

Greetings Fellow Creators:As some of you know I'm a writer. Mostly Sci-Fi, but I dabble in horror. Anyway, I have an obligation to a publisher. Their upfront cash doesn't exist but their royalties pay my bills. I have this story I was going to use as a novella but have been thinking it might be better served as a graphic novel. So, before I start typing for one format I thought I'd check and see if there was an artist who might be interested in working with me on it. The story is dark, would be…

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