Let's trade some links...

Hey guys, after I did my 28 days of Black super-heroes in February, I got a lot more excited about contributing something to the lexicon and history of Black comics and Black super-heroes.


Then I thought "I haven't really been on my job with connecting with other black comic creators and those passionate about comics."


To that end I want to start up a blogroll of sites to appear on my own website. You can take a look at my site here:




I'd like to have my "Black Comic Sites" listing on the side, and a category where I go through the links and write up posts about them.


If you'd like to be included then drop me a link here or hit me up off my contact form. If we all start posting links to each other and doing just a little bit of promotion we can probably get a nice amount of traffic going and it could lead to some sales.


I don't care if you create comics or you discuss comics, either way those are sites I would want to visit anyway.


So let me know what you guys think!

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