My review of a Force Galaxia vol 1

The Story by Andre Owens of Hiro Unlimited. It tells three seperate stories. Supergreen 14, Omegan Chronicles, and MG and the Sisters of Power.


The Story:


 Supergreen 14, a superpowered 14 year old bounty hunter and his friends meet another supergroup, and join forces to save an alien in danger.


Omegan Chronicles, A much older Supergreen and his crew find themselves in the middle of a war between two alien factions on a distant planet.


 MG  and the Sisters of Power. MG and crew infiltrate a club they believe is a front for criminal activities.


What I liked: The Universe-trotting, the alien life forms, and the funny ads. The cartoony art of is very good and makes you think your watching a Cartoon Network show instead of reading a comic. Adult SuperGreen's edge is rarely seen in Mainstream comics. Most black characters in M.S comics don't have his power level, and if they do, they're not assertive in situations where they probably would be if they really existed. So Kudos for that.


What I Didn't like: Trying to read MG's thick accent was very difficult. As far as the Supergreen 14 story, the art lends itself to being kid friendly, and this could be a good kid friendly comic by removing some of the more crude gags. This adventure would make a great stand alone book for kids with some changes.


Conclusion: All in all its the most original book out there in this genre, and story crosses the Universe, has cool aliens, and well executed art. Reading this book, you will feel like you've traveled the galaxy, without ever getting off the couch.



Where to buy: Contact Andre Owens at 


By Shiagari


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