My review of Brotherman Revelation

This graphic novel by Dawud Anyabwile and Guy A. Sims. Colors by Brian McGee.What I liked: The art is outstanding! All faces are distinct from the other. The city illustrations are lush and very accurate to the time depicted. If you watched shows like Good times and others, the backdrops are very familiar. But for me, being a kid around the end of this era made it resonate. I almost wanted to jump through my tablet and get a job and an apartment in Big City. The origin presented will show that Antonio Valor aka Brotherman isn't the only hero in the family. It's not about the flashy moves, its about the everyday dexterity we display to survive, without comprise.What I didn't like: If I have to nit pick, then I'll have to say the book is a bit pricey. Costing thirty dollars or more for delivery, depending upon which cover you choose. But it's also available at comixcology for under ten bucks so no worries.Conclusion: Brotherman Revelation is a must read. It's also a must own.John MarshallCreator of the Finisher, J.Jupiter and Through my toddlers eyes.

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