My review of Lucius Hammer #2

The story:  Issue two finds Lucius, continuing to recall his past allowing us to learn more of his back story. We also learn more about his rival," The American way, also a superhero.  Not to mention a peek into the Lucius hammer universe of characters.

What I liked: The art! It's like Ed Mcguiness meets Khary Randolph. It's like watching a cartoon. It's vibrant, and exaggerated and simplified.


What I didn't like: (Spoiler) The killing scene was pretty graphic, and it felt very adult considering the kid friendly art style. Still not enough L.H using his superpowers. Also, the previous issue hinted toward a clash with T.A.W, that didn't happen in this issue.

Conclusion: Still awesome to see the hero montage, and the blending of history into the comic. However, its time for Lucius to have an adventure without flashbacks, and a display of power worthy of a hulk or superman movie.

The team: Brian Williams (Writer) Christian Colbert (Pencils)

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