New Webcomic - "Wild Space Saga

Greetings, BSFS!

Though turnout at our Mechacon Artists' Alley booth was modest, my friend and I have pressed on to get our names out in the open and make our upcoming webcomic a smashing success!

For those of you who are scratching your heads, my friend Terence Pegasus and I have been working for the last couple of years on a Webcomic called "Wild Space Saga."  It is a planned long-running, epic trilogy in the vein of Firefly and Outlaw Star, with a taste of the Wild West in space.  We've been releasing thematic and conceptual art on our DeviantArt page for the past year, and have garnered a respectable following.  Now, at long last,
 Wild Space Saga has launched its site! 

We can be found at .  Come on down, and become a fan!

The first arc of our story, a prelude tale entitled "Finish What You Start." is our first story, which was begun Monday, with plans to make new releases every week.  This will introduce some mainstays in the comic, as well as the Gestalt Tournaments, which I'm certain mecha fans will love.  This will be the lead-in for the first story arc, entitled "The Last Warship," which will officially kick off the comic at the beginning of the year.  

I haven't the words to say how excited and downright scared I am, but for better or worse, it's finally happening! Get ready for a long-running, gunslinging, wild-west-in-space adventure trilogy that will amaze and inspire fans for years to come! Look forward to some more exciting news, and to one and all, follow the Northwest Passage!


P.S. If you're intrested, our DeviantArt page is .  I recommend you keep up with us there, as we post new art and comic info updates all the time.  This is a really exciting time for us, so we hope you will all follow along.  And please, give us feedback and comments.  Once again, thank you all.  

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