Standard Independent Comic Book Process

Independent Comic Book Project - self published by an author, self/crowd funded


  1. have an idea for either a character or a story
  2. develop a plot outline
  3. develop character profiles and model sheets
  4. write a script (Or get someone that is decent to write it for you)
  5. edit (Not just for grammar, other things like story flow, consistency, voice etc.) Not usually optimal to self edit. This is vital if you are serious about breaking in and being taken seriously.
  6. Hire/become Production Manager (This might be a much earlier step to be taken by some)
  7. determine initial proposed print run - if it is small run POD each book will be insanely more costly than full web press gang run.
  8. plan / begin to arrange distribution 
  9. negotiate rates/schedules with production staff
  10. (Optional) open escrow if applicable.
  11. create 3 to five promo pinups/ pages might help sell the idea to advertisers.
  12. start seeking advertisers
  13. continue to develop distribution plan
  14. (optional) create funding pitch for Wonderfunders or other crowdfunding sites
  15. go live with funding pitch
  16. begin art work in earnest
  17. lock down initial print run 
  18. coordinate book layout
  19. continue seeking advertisers     
  20. start pencils             -May need additional rewrites before starting. There are just some things that are impossible to draw as static drawings... not many but some... for instance you can't fit a half hour of film animation into one panel.
  21. review pencils
  22. pencil adjustments 
  23. inks
  24. review inks
  25. ink adjustments
  26. colors
  27. review colors
  28. color adjustments
  29. lettering
  30. review lettering
  31. lettering adjustments 
  32. write editorial
  33. advertisers art submitted -The earlier you can get this the better obviously 
  34. create indicia
  35. digitize for print
  36. Pre-sell/promote  
  37. contract with printer (Some of our members recommend local printer so that you can do press check)
  38. print
  39. arrange distribution   - This is a good idea but depending you may want to have the groundwork laid for the distribution as soon as you have some production ready art (step 9) Some of our members recommend 3 promos and 3-5 pages of sequential art at that stage.N
  40. sell, sell, sell

From wonderfunders

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