Karla's dream part 2 (sneak peek)

Oh! He was close! She could feel him, smell him in this dream-world. How she yearned for him... And he was there. She brushed her lips over his copper-brown cheek and then sought his lips... his taste like honeyed wild flowers.

Karla lifted her mouth to whisper: "My love..."

"Yes..." he breathed.

She felt herself being snatched away. "NO!"

And suddenly she was traveling a dirt path with a creature who made her flesh quiver with revulsion. To the eye, he was a human male tall and well made with coconut colored skin and blue eyes.

But inside lay a twisted mass of writhing murderous vipers. Evil radiated from him in waves. Karla tried to pull away but she was magically linked to the daemon.

Hek-teon... The name flashed through her head as she watched him run to a dark, comely woman standing knee-deep in churning dark waters; her wild hair flowing about her face. Desire also now radiating from him. She felt it's pulse...


Copyright Valjeanne Jeffers 2011 all rights reserved

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