This is for people interested in starting chapters of BSFS where members that wish to link up to discuss our projects and Black Science Fiction in general can join together. (paperwork and details are being worked out to make this official)
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  • I would love to do this. What are the specs & process? We can introduce it at our indie Black Age Con this September in Chicago.
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Location and Support for a Chicago Chapter

I haven't dug into whether or not there's a working Chicago Area chapter of BSFS, however Kevin Roberts, owner of Azizi Books ( ) has expressed a direct interest in supporting BSFS.While he and Admin are discussing the scope of the partnership I would like to recommend the possibility of having meetings at the bookstore.Should anyone else like to discuss the possibility, and the broader possibilities for BSFS events to be held there, I'd like to hear from you.WmH

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