Tales of the Twilight Continuum

Tales of the Twilight Continuum is my budding site hosting my science fiction and fantasy writings. My two primary storylines are:

1. Revenant: Resurrection
In a distant future, Pan-humanity in all of its variations, is forced to permanently leave the Sol system and are plunged into a violent galaxy aflame with war. Rescued from Earth by creatures who claimed descent from the dinosaurs, Pan-humanity was taken to the star system of Toranor.

An ancient artifact of the Precursors, Toranor was a collection of gaian superworlds of unsurpassed splendor, beauty and galactic commerce. For a moment, it seemed the Children of Earth might have caught a break. Two centuries later Majoris Thomas Wilks, pan-human, genetically altered, and recently promoted soldier has recently returned from a grueling campaign in desperate need of some rest and relaxation. He will get neither. Trapped in a sparely populated system, without military support, he will find himself embroiled in an alien plot to steal and reverse engineer one of the galaxy's greatest weapons and the source of his amazing abilities, the Resurrection Frame.

In his quest to reacquire his stolen life-sustaining exo-skeleton, he learns a secret that the galaxy's master race, the Corva, must kill to keep hidden. In an empire on the verge of rebellion, he must head into the mysterious star systems of the Malcanari Rift and home of the Corva, with the fate of the Empire resting on what he discovers there.

Excerpt: Resurrection Blues

2. The Aspect War
The Aspect of Death, one of the most powerful of the Primal forces of our world, has gone missing and has been succeeded by his far-less-powerful second, the enigmatic Director of Death, Incorporated. Without the Aspect of Death to defend his dominion, it may fall prey to more opportunistic Aspects. The last time this happened, the Black Plague was unleashed and set the Second Worlds afire with war...

Meanwhile, an army gathers at the borders of the Realms between Earth and Avalon, the Selig and Ur-Selig Courts have reluctantly joined forces in an effort to return to Earth. Having been banished by the Compact, a divine restriction created nearly fifteen hundred years ago that banished the Cold Gods and their allies, the Selig Court, from the Realms of Man. Now under attack from a new enemy, the Cold Gods, and the Selig Courts are forced to retreat to Earth as their Realm falls to an unstoppable force...

The Angels of the White Host, who have been content with the status quo for the last thousand years, have been preparing for the prophesized Last War of Revelations. They are massing their armies, secretly, awaiting the signs that would reveal the Beast, called the Whore of Babylon. But she had another name once, one that brought fear to all who heard it, and nearly destroyed the civilized world in her time. She was the Aspect of Destruction, Tiamat, imprisoned by the Babylonians five thousand years ago, whose chains were being broken by a supercomputer at MIT.

Excerpt: The Aspect War (taking you to a local link here, since there are more chapters here right now. Will update)

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