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World building within the everyday world

I am wondering if people have thoughts, tips, suggestions on how to build a subtle world within the world we already live in. I am writing a novel where the world is Earth, no different from our own in any sense, but for the fact that my character is having what others would consider to be super-natural experiences (psychic experiences, experimenting with time travel).  I am trying to strike a balance between making her actions and experiences be anomalous, but at the same time, not wanting to…

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Cassad Universe: War of the Blade

The Quaznian Empire was already an ancient order when the Cassads made first contact during the latter’s expansionist sweep across the galaxy. Long in decline, the Quaznians experienced a period of resurgence under the rule of Emperor Pjrul. During his more than 500 year reign, Pjrul revitalized the military, crushed peripheral tendencies in his quest to increase the power of the throne, and sent the dreaded Gray Fleets to add new worlds to his domain.The Quaznians’ Galactic Northwest thrust…

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