10 Hard Truths About Self-Publishing....

One thing anyone who decides to go down the road to Self-Publishing better know the odds of being thoroughly disappointed with your book, comic or film not 'hitting it big' are high against you. Your work could be the best thing ever, but there is no guarantee readers/audiences will beat down your door to toss wheelbarrows full of cash at you just to get a glimpse.

Good news is; that can happen just don't bet your soul on it happening! Self-Publishing is hard, thankless work that is more labor of love than anything else. Now, if you plan to go at it as a business and a way to make money then you've got your work cut out for you. The real work begins before, during and after the completion of the work. A finished book, comic or film is the 'product' you're planning on selling. You're going to have to actually 'sell' it so you'll need to take the many steps required for the successful sale of your work and the building of a presence and a brand.

Here's an article on the 10 Hard Truths About Self-Publishing you need to know....

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