To say the least as a both a 'self-publisher' and publisher, my 'relationship' with Amazon has been educational. With the recent tumult they are undergoing with denying customer access to a certain large publishing house's line of books, a clear message is being sent to all of us who deal with them. They make the rules. As with every revolution, the 'Desktop-Self-Publishing Revolution' has run aground against a once 'revolutionary' entity now become an institution. Amazon once a ragtag retail business selling books on the 'wild-west era' internet is now a bloated corporate conglomerate that knows how powerful it is and is willing to show those who 'defy' it. So if a large and successful publishing house is getting their business brought to its knees by Amazon, how will small and micro-publishing outfits fare? Good question. There is an answer. It's simple and you're not going to like it....

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