Hey guys,

I have a sci-fi anthology coming out and I was looking for people who can beta read it and give me feedback. Its just under 78,000 in word count. Description is below:

Sixteen stories taking place during the cataclysmic events of Star Brigade: Resurgent.

From the story of a veteran Star Brigadier compromised by a tragic secret to a pair of bounty hunters pursuing a psychic predator at the galactic fringe to a mercenary's dangerous gamble to carve out a better life for himself to how one harmless data search suddenly leaves Habraum Nwosu with a subordinate's life in his hands, each enthralling story in this space opera anthology expands upon the vast universe introduced in Book 1 of the Star Brigade military sci-fi series.

Plus! Exclusive bonus content including two deleted chapters from Star Brigade: Resurgent!

If your interested, please PM me. Thanks!

C.C. Ekeke

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