Column - Writing Craft: Mastering the Urge to Write

Writing Craft: Mastering the Urge to Write

This is a collection of online essays from a column I produce called Writing Craft. I have written about writing offering ideas to spur creativity, online tools and resources to help with creating and interacting with writing in new and different ways.

Often new writers are bogged down in their efforts to be creative and become overwhelmed with the potential complexity of writing. I am not professing to have any hidden secrets of success. I leave that up to writers trying to sell you their latest book. What I am offering are things I think have helped me to write more consistently, effectively and willingly.

One or two of these essays were used in writing lectures I have given and may be living documents added to over time. I will continue to add to the series and if you find anything you enjoy, please feel free to share it with others.

This document links to a Listly page and each element in the list is a link to an online Writing Craft column. Some of the articles appear in different online magazines.

Excerpt: Table of Contents

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1. Writing Craft: On Writing Speculative Fiction

2. Writing Craft: “Welcome to Ruts-ville, USA.”

3. Writing Craft: Prioritize for Success

4. Writing Craft: Blogging & the Nascent Writer

5. Writing Craft: How can an aspiring young writer make a name for himself?

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