The Octavian Files, this is my way of paying Homage and Respect to the Memory and the Immortal work of the Queen of Science Fiction Authorship ... to the Living Legacy of Octavia Ebutler, all are invited to share in this Circle.

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  • my stars, it'sbeen like a million years since i was last here ... so suprised and very happy to see my one (so far) and only grop still exists.
  • I have two of her books. Blood child and Kindred. the one i have, Blood child is a bunch of her short stories. I love it. I will be starting Kindred later tonight
  • a very good idea.
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"The Visitor" Black Sci-fi film

Hey Black Scifi Romance!Thank you all for watching my film "The Visitor" for the Hollywood Black Film Festival mobile challenge. We truly appreciate your support!I am a HUGE fan of Black romantic Scifi films and Octavia Butlers work has definitely inspired me. I felt this was a great opportunity to create a film that showcases this genre staring African Americans. My hope is that our film will at least spark conversations and maybe open a few doors and opportunities to create more films like…

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Kindred drama: Listen or download MP3s

Kindred drama: Listen or download MP3s How the download works will depend on your computer settings. In most cases, left-click to listen immediately. Right-click and "Save link as..." to download to your computer. To hear the drama, you may need to turn the volume up on your speakers. Listen: Part 1 SeeingEarTheater- Kindred-1of4.mp3 31m09s Part 2 SeeingEarTheater- Kindred-2of4.mp3 39m40s Part 3 SeeingEarTheater- Kindred-3of4.mp3 26m34s Part 4 SeeingEarTheater- Kindred-4of4.mp3 43m

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Visiting Octavia

I live in Southern California and visited Octavia Butler's grave last week. Here is a link to what the grave site looks like When I got there, it was difficult to find the exact spot where she was buried. Multiple attendants from the funeral home came out onto the grounds to help me locate it. Ultimately, I used the landmarks in the photos above to find it on my own. It was totally overgrown with grass, completely covered up and…

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