Hi ladies! This group is for sharing in the unique creative ideas, challenges, and successes carried by the members of the fairer sex in the field of science fiction and fantasy. Enjoy and let your beautiful voice be heard!

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Let's share our knowledge on black females in science fiction, fantasy and games in a positive and respectful manner. Sisters have been holding it down. We want to always recognize our women as equal partners in the struggle.

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The "Mega Sustah-Girl Work Out Book" is for you!

The "Mega Sustah-Girl Work  Out Book" is ready for purchase. This intelligent hybrid of fitness journal, wellness resource & practical Graphic Novel is totally illustrated by selected gifted female artists of all levels.Works by Ashley A . Woods, Afua Richardson, Sara Richards, Ola and many more talented visual female artists were commissioned for this amazing health vehicle.This insightful book is for sisters of all stages & ages who want to benefit from engaging in healthier actions,…

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My Sistahs

I'm an XY, but I have listened to a podcast about tech, anime, film, and basically all geek culture. It's been on for more than a decade, making it one of the oldest podcasts ever. They're ElectricSistaHood(I hope you heard of them) and while they're not writing books or making films, they have a talent for talk, and they have a lot of hours of content to prove that. They're blood related, as well, so they're sisters as well as sistahs.

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LADIES: OPEN CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS We have quiet a few submission already but I want to make sure the sisters are represented. Please read over this and consider submitting a story for our anthology. http://blacksciencefictionsociety.com/group/genesisanthologygroup/forum/topics/genesis-anthology-of-black-science-fiction-book-iii

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