Aveline from Assassin's Creed: Liberation

Not sure how many people are aware that there is a PS Vita game with a black female protagonist as the lead character. Her name is Aveline. I haven't played this game yet but I've played other AC games.The lead writer for the game and character did an interview with Evan Narcisse of Kotaku and talked about what it was like writing for the character among why we need more diversity in games.I just joined this group today because I got a link tot his group in my email and I just so happened to have written about that interview just last night.Here's my blogpost: http://www.diasporastories.com/blog/assassins-creed-3-female-haitian-protagonist/Here's the Kotaku interview: http://kotaku.com/5987083/this-assassins-creed-heroine-is-a-great-black-game-character-heres-how-it-happened

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