Good Morning

Good Morning BSFS Sisters and Allies,

To jump start NoMo I'm enclosing an excerpt of my novel in progress, tentatively titled "The Coanda Effect" or "Nighttime To Nightmare".  May Blessings be to All.

"First line “People think that shape shifting is so cool its not; the migraines are a bitch; the peoples soul memories make you want to eat a gun. There are some joys like when I shifted in to a fourteen yr olds bedroom to stop her father from raping her while she hid in the closet after I snapped his neck, pushed him down the steps.  They always knew good ole Sam was a bit of a lush.  Now she’s part of a band of runaways now living in with other children of the night; she says she feels safer”


Children in Crisis is where I work; were it not for the gubberment funds that are mited out the keep us in post its and coffee.  For the occaisaion press kits we hand out in networking meetings ‘We are the liason between abuse and safety’ My boss tries to say that with a straight face.  We won award in the inception.  ‘Best New Agency’, the headlines made us giddy during apple cider toasts."

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