Women in B.S.F: Sin Eaters Now Out!

Hi all!

I just wanted to share that my book just was given a early release by B&N, you can get it now or get it at Amazon. It's also now on Kindle and coming soon on Nook. This tale features strong women of color as well as males and they all kick butt, wrapped around a fantasy, paranormal, action, romance, thriller novel. LOL!

Please take the time to visit my page on here for the synopsis or visit my website (http://kwhp5f.wix.com/kai-leakes#!home/mainPage ) spread the love and support and I'll do the same! ♥ 

Also! This October 27,2012, I'll be in St. Louis, Missouri for the OOSA Pajama Jam and book signing event. You can still get tickets now until Sept. 1. See me there, bring your copies of Sin Eaters and I'll sign them for you all! :) If you can't make it for this event, I will be setting up signing in the St. Louis and possibly Chicagoland areas. Keep in tabs with me at my site and please leave your reviews at B&N, Barnes and Noble and here! Email me as well. :)

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