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2015 Successes

Please share your 2015 writing successes!

I sold three short stories this year, two were through connections that I made in BSFS. 

I did complete the Camp NaNoWriMo in April but I haven't published or edited that short book. 

I am trying to submit anoth

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"The Visitor" Black Sci-fi film

Hey Black Science Fiction Society!

This film was created for the Hollywood Black Film festival 3 min. mobile film challenge.

Check out my film "The Visitor" a romantic sci-fi starring African Americans. Our team would really appreciate your support. Pl

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The Walking Dead: Season Four

So, last night was the season premiere of The Walking Dead, and we were once again introduced to new characters.  Is it me, or does it seem like The Walking Dead must have gone over to The Wire to cast?


The season premiere started the season off very

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