Prof. Onli created NOG in 1978 after living, working and stuying in Paris.  This is why he uses the French spelling og the word, "Pyramides". NOG first ran as a cartoon strip in the Defender Newspaper then in 1981 ONLI STUDIOS published NOG: The Protector of the Pyramides opening the door to the growing Black Age of Comics Movement.

In that same year two major New York publishers tried to secure all rights to NOG from Onli for a mere offer of $20,000.00.  They both knew and feared to powerful potentiala dn future competition NOG and Onli offered!  They were correct.  But Onli said "NO!". And today NOG emerges as the most powerful character in the Black Age as he protects Planet NUBA.  Not shyly hiding his small country from the world. 

This is a real legend about a Nubian World View with intergalactic consequeces.

From ONLI STUDIOS LLC.  Black Money in support of Onlis Black Creativity! 

Not from the lamestream!

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