A Crowbar and a Hammer - the battle

One man's life takes a harrowing turn after a devastating tragedy.
When Anthony becomes an unwilling witness to the horrifying murder of his wife and daughter, the world as he knows it shatters into a million irreparable fragments. But amid unimaginable grief, smoldering embers of vengeance stir within him that refuses to be extinguished.
This ordinary man, bereft of superhuman abilities, embarks on a relentless quest for justice. Anthony knows that his foe is not just a common criminal but a ruthless supervillain whose powers defy the laws of nature. Yet, fueled by an unyielding resolve and the memory of his family's innocence, Anthony will become an emblem of courage in a city where hope is lost and fear reigns supreme.
In his pursuit of justice, Anthony encounters an unexpected ally who helps him unlock a latent strength within himself. With unwavering determination, Anthony trains tirelessly to master combat skills and hone his intellect to previously unimagined levels. Every step he takes, every sacrifice he makes, brings him closer to the climactic showdown with the formidable adversary who tore his world apart.
The line between hero and anti-hero blurs as he navigates a treacherous path filled with moral dilemmas and life-threatening challenges. The city he once called home becomes a battleground, and Anthony must confront the malevolent force that took everything from him and the darkness that threatens to consume his soul.
Art by Emax Emmanuel Olumind
Color by Periya Pillai
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