Alchemy "War or Peace?" Fin

Finished…what do you all think? Her a short description for her.Name:Akana Singleton (Gahiji)
Height:Normal, 5'6; Liquified, Variable; Solidified, Variable
Weight:Normal, 132; Liquified, 1oz; Solidified, 15 tons
Race:Homosapian (Arcane User)Citizenship:Dual Egypt and England. In America due to TEMPLEs and NATOs E.V.A.C.S (Executive VISA for Alien Contractual Services) Program
Organization:Tactical phEnosapian, hoMosapian Protection and Logistical Executive (T.E.M.P.L.E)Unit:TEMPLE Black Ops- Black Lions; Cypher Team
Position:Sabotage and Infiltration
Rank:Captain. Rank was transfer from British Marine/Commandos. She is a woman on a short list of woman to make it through British Marine/Commando training.
Attributes:Akana was trained in different hand to hand combat styles to include knife fighting and ballistic weapons during her Military career. Her family trained her in fighting styles exclusive to her African heritage (Tahtib, an Egyptian stick fighting style and Dambe, a fighting style of Nigeria based on ancient egyptian boxing) and sword fighting. She is magical based as her powers come from an enhancement spell bestowed upon her family thousands of years ago by a very strong shaman.
Primary Weapons:Herself. She can cover her body in a liquid metallic alloy giving her the ability to synthesize any mettalic alloy she pleases. This also allows her to turn her appendages into different forms of blunt and bladed weapons. She can also , liquify her body and solidify it causing herself to become "indestructible." She also, can absorb power attributes from others (her Husband for example who uses fire) to upgrade her own strength and add more attributes.Family:Mother(Alive, Lives in London), Father(deceased), Siblings(None). Husband(Jordan Singleton), Son(Damian Singleton), Daughter(Masika Singleton)
Closest Friend:Regina Reign
Short Bio:Akana was born on the outskirts of Cairo. Her family are a strong group of shaman and with that have a dark secret or noble one, pending how you look at it. Long ago a member of her family was tricked into a marriage with a Djinn, during that time, the male married to the Djinn had a verbal altercation with his wife, their first ever. This made the Djinn (his wife) un happy. This is when he found out that she was a Djinn as she showed her true form. The man, scared, fled the house and never returned. Because of this "break in contract," the Djinn cursed the entire family putting them all on a "black list." Because of this, a shaman in the family casted a enhancement spell among the man and this bestowed him with unbelievable powers. That lineage moved along the blood line as the family became known for Djinn slaying. The back side of this gift/curse was, each generation of this blood line could only have one child as the second would have deformities to balance the family. Akana showed her abilities at a young age. Because of her strength and the fact that the Djinn really wanted her family dead. They came after her stronger than any of her predecessors. Due to this, her family fled Egypt and moved to London. She grew up there, went to Oxford and eventually joined the Royal Marines where she later became a commando.
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